Portia’s Incredible Journey Teacher’s Guide


For Grades 3 – 6 +

Interactive Multilevel Strategies, Activities, and Projects Based on State Standards:

  • Literary Response and Analysis
  • Writing Applications
  • Speaking and Listening Strategies
  • Critical Thinking
  • Vocabulary Development
  • Cooperative Learning
  • Self-Evaluation Quizzes

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Reviews for Portia’s Incredible Journey Teacher’s Guide
Emma Price has created a concise and easy to use Teacher’s Guide for Portia’s Incredible Journey. As students read each section there are discussion questions which give them the chance to recall what they have read and reflect on the big ideas and themes. The author also provides critical thinking questions which help students interact with the characters and delve deeper into the novel. I particularly like the explicit teaching of literary devices such as flashbacks, sensory details, internal and external conflicts, mood and suspense, which are often difficult for students to identify and understand. The author provides opportunities for students to make personal connections and express their thoughts in writing, again, skills difficult for many students. At the end of each section there are many open ended questions that the teacher can use as student assessments and there is also a list of suggested projects which teachers can assign to individuals, partners, cooperative groups or to the whole class. Of course, teachers may be able to come up with many of these ideas and questions on their own, but who has the time, especially when they have chosen to use rich literature to teach themes, vocabulary and the use of literary devices (most often used on State Standardized Tests). This author has thoughtfully provided it all for teachers. This guide is aligned perfectly to State Reading, Writing, Speaking, and listening Standards.
— Linda Maher, National Board Certified elementary school teacher, Vine Street Elementary School, Los Angeles Unified School District
There have been many teacher guides that accompany children’s novels; however the teacher’s guide that goes with Portia’s Incredible Journey will fast become a teacher’s best friend. Emma Price has thoroughly researched and included meaningful activities in her 61 page teacher’s guide. She has included various critical thinking level questions to use before, during and after reading that will motivate students to read and the guide is very convenient for teachers to use.
— G. Jackson-Bassett, National Board Certified Teacher, Castle Heights Elementary School, Los Angeles, California